Great Fitness Apps –

Here are 2 of my most recent favorite!

FitRadio  and  7 Minute WorkoutsImageImage 


What are yours?  Comment below to share.


Food ideas…

there are lots of ideas here on the website for recipes. Also is awesome for paleo that actually tastes good- check it out.
Today, I hard-boiled eggs, bought a rotisserie chicken, tons of fruits and veggies, salad stuff, and of course, Chunky Monkey Muffins with dark chocolate chips from Ghiradelli – a must-have for a carb craving this week.
oh – and planned the menu for dinners for the week – that’s a huge must after a long day of work for me.
what about you? What did you do to prepare for this week? Hit comment to share your ideas – we all need em!

Why are we eating clean for the next 10 days???

There are moments this coming week that I just know I will need to re-read this to remind myself…moments where hunger has set in, and I haven’t prepared anything in advance because well, life happened. I was working, mothering, sleeping, exercising, and I forgot the trap of not planning ahead…

It’s good for my health.
It helps bring perspective.
It helps break bad habits.
It’s good for self-control.
It brings about self-discipline.
It simplifies life.
It brings us back to basics.

But you may not want to promote it with others…you may not find the support you are looking for with them.

That’s why we have a group this next 10 days. Commit to your clean food and daily workouts for 10 days and support the others in your group.

Almost full…

ImageThe 5:30pm group is full, and I cancelled the 6pm in favor of a 5:30am group, which still has 2 spots.  So let me know and make your payment to reserve.  This round the schedule will look like this:

  • Monday, March 31 through Friday, April 4- 5:30am and 5:30pm
  • Saturday, April 5 – 8:30am boot camp at Nation Ford HS
  • (no charge), OR a 10am session at the basement – your choice.
  • Sunday, April 6 -9:00am yoga in the basement with Anastascia from Om Yoga in Baxter and the YMCA
  • Monday, April 7- Wednesday April 9 – 5:30am and 5:30pm sessions

Mark your calendars and start your food plan.  Awesome paleo recipes and ideas on


Next 10 day boot camp coming your way…Mar.31-April 9!!!

Imageok, I need this, and spring break, bathing suits, etc. are just around the corner!  Sign up for 5:30pm or 6:00pm sessions, starting Monday, March 31 and everyday through Wednesday, April 9.  (Spring break starts Saturday, April 12).  The Saturday session will be in the a.m., and the Sunday session is TBD time.  All the weekday sessions will be at the time you sign up for – 5:30pm or 6:00pm.  Space is limited to 5 per group.  Spots will be saved only with a payment – paypal (click here), or bring a check to my mailbox or doormat.  $80 for the 10 days.  

Of course, in addition to the daily workouts, we follow a paleo-style nutrition plan.  This ain’t for the feint of heart – you gotta want it!

Questions? Contact me.