Create your own workout using these…

Mix these exercises up with your amount of reps, and there you go. You are your own trainer.  No need to pay me or anyone else. 🙂

Here is a long list of exercises that require just your body (source: ACE ):


Bird dogs


Contra lateral limb raises (lying on stomach)

Plank pushups


Down dogs

Curtsy lunges

Childs pose

90 degree lat stretch

Spider walks

Forward lunges


Jump and reach

Mountain climbers

Single leg squats

Sprinter pulls

Standing ankle mobilization

Bent knee situps

Squat jumps

Reverse crunches (arms out straight to sides)

Side plank


Low lunges with hands to floor

Cycled split jump

Tuck jump

Forward jumps (long)

Forward lunges with arm drivers (straight arms)

Glut bridges

Lateral jump overs (body bar over risers)

Plank with knee drag on floor

Straddle stretches

Stretch with a band

Side to side lunges

Side lying hip abductions

Side lying to front lying one db in straight arm overhead, torso twist the legs only

Calf raises at wall

Sumo squat roatationals


Toe/ankle touches


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