One HARD workout…

All you need is dumb-bells and a whole lot of tenacity.  Made this one up driving one day. ugh.  This is a GREAT one for when you have a lot of stress.

Warm-up.  Then:

  • 30 military crawls WITH a Row. (turn and look at ceiling each time)
  • 10 broad jumps (fingertips touch down)
  • 30 squats to something really low, a low ball, a low wall or bench (gotta have a target)
  • 10 walking lunges
  • run 200 meters (1/2 of a track loop)
  • 30 pushups (15 with one hand elevated on dumbbell, 15 with the other hand up)
  • 30 tricep press with a single dummbell (15, switch your grip, 15).

Do 5 rounds total as fast as you can.  then stretch. I can confidently say, you are gonna need it…


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