your forearms are sore? or your hands?

Check this out from American Council on Exercise (ACE):

“A strong correlation exists between grip strength and upper-body strength. Therefore, working grip strength exercises can improve arm strength. Furthermore, grip strength is often the limiting factor in some exercises (both upper and total body) such as dead lifts, pull-ups and kettlebell exercises. Thus, arm strength can enhance lower-body strength and power. So, when the following exercises result in forearm and hand fatigue, that’s a sign that they are being performed correctly.”

So, the next time you are on the barbell, dumbbells, or the pull-up bar, and your hands or forearms fatigue, you are doing it right!  #WellDone #StrongArms


5 day is back.

Just in time.  The average American gains 1-2 lbs from Halloween to New Year’s and never takes it off, it’s time.

ok, this time we are going to run this a little differently.   You know what you need.  A little kickstart, or a big ole kick in the booty.  Clean eating to along with it.  Workouts will be:

  • Sunday, Oct.2 at 4:30pm
  • Monday, Oct. 3 at 5:30am
  • Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 5:30am
  • Take Wednesday off or join me for cycle class at the YMCA or take a run/walk or yoga class.
  • Thursday, Oct. 6 at 5:30am
  • Friday, Oct. 7 at 5:30am

Interested in PM, but don’t see it listed? Send me an email or text, and we’ll see what we can arrange.

The thing I like(?) about early mornings:  there are no excuses other than,  “I wanted more sleep.”  Literally.  There aren’t any meetings, conference calls, no carpool, etc. to interrupt your workout.  And then you are done for the day and energized.  Love it.

Could this extend into a 10 day? Sure…IMG_0151-0


Sugar…are you over it too?

Been doing a lot of research lately on sugar…it started a couple years ago…then lately again when my daughter’s teacher asked us to send in doughnuts and juice in for the class breakfast…so I can’t stop thinking about it.  Google sugar and the effects.  Google no sugar.  There’s so much info out there, yet I can’t stop.  Sugar is everywhere and even though I want to say no, I don’t.  I need a reason (well, I have many, but that hasn’t stopped me) to cut it out.  And maybe you do too.  I need accountability.  Maybe you do too?

So I’m thinking of going mostly sugar-free and alcohol-free for the month of January.  Sounds good now.  Probably won’t sound so good about three days in…

Anyway, how about hitting the re-set button in January?  Would you be in?  You have some time to think on this.  But here’s what I’m thinking:  When you go all or nothing, it’s a bit extreme, and it’s easy to get discouraged (I know because I’ve tried this numerous times); but what about going back to the good ole 80/20 rule?  As in, I do what I should do 80% of the time, and the other 20%, don’t worry so much.

How about a month long re-set? Workout 2-3 times a week with no sugar and no alcohol at least 80% of the month?  Here’s what that could look like:

  • Workout Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30am for 30 minutes
  • Saturdays at 9:00am optional.  
  • You commit to no sugar, no alcohol, with one free night/meal each week?  Could you do that?  
  • We would start the eating part on January the 4th, workouts start Tuesday, January 5th and go throughout the last week of January.  

Would love to hear your thoughts via comment to this post, email, or text.

Easiest way to create your own workout from home:

Get a deck of cards out.  

Step 1: assign each an exercise to each suit.  For example, 

  • burpees=spades
  • push-ups=diamonds
  • core(V-ups?)=clubs
  • squats or lunges =hearts

Step 2: flip over cards using the entire deck, doing the assigned # of repetitions per card.  Like if you get a 4 of clubs, you do 4 v-ups, then flip an 8 of spades, do 8 burpees.  Assign the face cards a value also, like Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, etc.

Let me know how it goes. 

And the Purple Heart award goes to…

Tara! After 3 groups the past 2 weeks, countless barbells, Dumbbells, TRX, tires, jumps, squats, pull-ups, lunges,…you know the drill…well Tara is THE woman!
Here’s why:
would you go into the woods, at 5:35am, in the dark, after a tire that had flipped the wrong direction, risking nighttime critters & who knows what? That’s right, pulled a calf muscle returning that darn, ornery, 200# tire to its rightful place. We love you, Tara, and really respect you! Heal up, tough girl.
Here’s to you–


Beach/Travel workouts:

So maybe you plan to workout when you travel, but then all you could really think of was to go for a run…I mean, who wants to think too hard when on vacation or away from home? I often post workouts that I think people will be able to do with minimal to no equipment. Below is another set to get you through a week away (and I’ve worked them out so that you are working opposing muscle groups on back-to-back days):

DAY 1 –
Walk/run/bike for 10 min.
Then do 25 reps of each:
squats with hands above your heart
boat pose & crunch
Do 3 rounds of this. Walk/Run/Bike again for 5-10 min. Then go 3 more rounds for a total of 6 rounds or 150 reps. Stretch when done.

DAY 2 –
Go for a jog and everytime you hear the chorus (of whatever song you are listening to at the moment), stop and do 10 jumping lunges. Continue with your jog, stopping for a set of 10 single lunges every minute or so, until you have done 10 sets (100 lunges). Then turn around and head back the direction you came from, repeating the sequence of 10 jumping lunges at every chorus, until you have completed 200 total. Stretch.

DAY 3 –
Set a timer, use the GYMBOSS app, or a stopwatch. For minute 1, count how many burpees (yes, with a pushup) you can do. Minute 2, how many heel press to the ceiling with a corkscrew (lying on your back) can you do. Continue the timer for a total of 14 minutes, trying to keep your # of reps for each exercise every minute. After 14 minutes, stretch.

DAY 4 –
For one hour, do a cardiovascular activity that you enjoy at a moderate pace. I went for a bike ride outside. But you could swim, wog, run, or do cardio machines. Your heart rate should be high enough that it’s hard to talk or carry on a conversation, but low enough that you try. 🙂

DAY 5 –
Break out the app called 7 Minutes (totally free). It tells what exercise to do when for a total of 12 bodyweight exercises (all you need is a chair) for 7 min. The great part is that if you want more, then repeat 3- or 4 times through. Then download the app, Yoga Studio ($2.99 and totally worth it if you don’t like to spend an hour and half doing yoga, but know that you need to!). I LOVE to do the Intermediate Combination for 30 min. You can choose 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min. You can also choose your level – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Great app. You won’t be sorry.

Good luck and post a comment to let me know how it went.

Next 10 day boot camp coming your way…Mar.31-April 9!!!

Imageok, I need this, and spring break, bathing suits, etc. are just around the corner!  Sign up for 5:30pm or 6:00pm sessions, starting Monday, March 31 and everyday through Wednesday, April 9.  (Spring break starts Saturday, April 12).  The Saturday session will be in the a.m., and the Sunday session is TBD time.  All the weekday sessions will be at the time you sign up for – 5:30pm or 6:00pm.  Space is limited to 5 per group.  Spots will be saved only with a payment – paypal (click here), or bring a check to my mailbox or doormat.  $80 for the 10 days.  

Of course, in addition to the daily workouts, we follow a paleo-style nutrition plan.  This ain’t for the feint of heart – you gotta want it!

Questions? Contact me.

Why paleo works…

So I’ve been thinking about my food journey this past year…since the first time I tried going paleo.  The first time I went strict paleo, the 2nd time, I cheated because I was frustrated, the 3rd time, I went strict, but not as strict, and now I know what my body can and cannot handle, so I adjust to a paleo that works for me.  What works for me is this:

  • meat/fish
  • veggies/fruit
  • nuts/seeds
  • some brown rice
  • some oatmeal
  • 2 tablespoons of half & half organic creamer daily
  • minimal cheese – perhaps feta on a salad, but that’s about it.

What doesn’t work for me on a daily basis is:

  • dairy
  • other grains (I REALLY miss pasta!)
  • sugar
  • alcohol

Google it, and you will find a WIDE RANGE of how people interpret this paleo thing.  For one, there’s a whole lot of bacon and red meat going on out there…not for me.  I love me some fish, and a plate of veggies, or a salad with chicken & fresh blueberries on top.  This chart is a typical one you will find when googling all of this…

paleo basics chart

Want to read about another woman’s journey? click here.






Who wouldn’t spend less time working out and reap the same (or better) benefits, and burn the same (or even more) calories???!  ?Does this make any sense to you at all (ah-hem, 26.2 peeps)???  Love this article – here’s an excerpt. 

The fitness industry is seeing a surge of interest in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a burst-and-recover cycle that can offer a viable alternative to continuous aerobic exercise.  According to , HIIT, which pairs quick bouts of high-energy exercise with low-effort rest intervals, is not exactly a new idea. As early as 1912, the Finnish Olympic long-distance runner Hannes Kolehmainen was using interval training in his workouts (Billat 2001). As our knowledge of HIIT has increased, exercise scientists have demonstrated that HIIT can

  • boost the performance of competitive athletes;
  • improve the health of recreational exercisers; and
  • provide the benefits of continuous-endurance training with fewer workouts.

The standard way to improve cardiovascular fitness is to increase the volume of exercise—for example, with longer runs or bike rides, or more time on an aerobic machine. HIIT is intriguing because, according to current research, it can yield a broad range of physiological gains, often in less time than high-volume continuous exercise (Daussin et al. 2008).


From the article

HIIT Vs. Continuous Endurance Training: Battle Of The Aerobic Titans