Re-set Challenge is full, however, you can join in the clean eating from anywhere.

Let’s talk about clean eating for just a second or two. We originally started this blog, this workout thing based around The Whole 30.  Which was good to do a couple times, and find out what works or doesn’t work for my body, BUT I CAN’T SUSTAIN IT.  What is the point of vitamins you can’t afford, or diets that aren’t sustainable?!  This is why I keep returning to the 80/20 rule or thing or thought (I hate rules).  Do what you should do and eat 80% of the time.  The other 20%? Are you really never going to taste wedding cake again? or have a glass of wine? or a chocolate chip cookie? or pasta?  I think you get the point.  These are just my thoughts.  You don’t have to agree.

So this next month?  The month right before spring break and summer is coming?  Well, let’s do 80/20.  Clean eating 80%.  What does this look like?  Say there are 21 meals in a week (although snack need to be clean too), 80% of 21 is 17.  That’s 4 small cheats each week.  Totally doable.  Maybe even too much.  But that’s my story.  Use them wisely.  Next, let’s define our version of clean eating:

  • organic meats/fish
  • nuts and seeds
  • fruits and vegetables
  • that’s it.  Nothing out of a package.  No, pretzels and popcorn are not a healthy snack.  ūüôā  An apple and handful of cashews is.
  • Oops I almost forgot-whole grains . Think real oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa…

Can you do this 80% of the time?  Start cleaning out your fridge and re-stocking it.  Let’s do this.

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Re-set Challenge!

Get ready to be more awesome.  For the month of March.  Clean eating.  Minimum 2 weights workouts per week.  Tuesday and Thursday mornings 5:30am -6:00am.  (Arrive at 5:25am for your warmup). Starts Thursday, March 2. $99 for 9 sessions.

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