Day 10 – what’s your feedback?


Day 9: Why lift weights?

ok, so most of you know this already, but here’s a refresher to make you feel better when you are sore:

You do not need to be a bodybuilder to benefit from strength training. A well-designed strength-training program can provide the following benefits:

  • Increased strength of bones, muscles and connective tissues (the tendons and ligaments)—This increased strength decreases the risk of injury. Increased muscle mass—Most adults lose about one-half pound of muscle per year after the age of 30, largely due to decreased activity.
  • Muscle tissue is partly responsible for the number of calories burned at rest (the basal metabolic rate, or BMR). As muscle mass increases, BMR increases, making it easier to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Enhanced quality of life—As general strength increases, the performance of daily routines (carrying groceries, working in the garden) will be less taxing. – Read more here from ACE fitness.

One more day. You got this.  Just show up one more time and give your all for 30 minutes.



Day 8 – the end is in sight and some of you have asked…

what am I going to do when this is over?  Well, I’ve been working on that.  A 5 Day Boot Camp session will be offered next month to keep you going for the holidays.  I need some accountability during this time of year and maybe you do too?

And you can sign up here on the blog if you like.  Visit the BUY NOW link to your left to purchase a 5 day session for DECEMBER 8-12 (Sunday through Thursday) – 6pm and 6:30pm. $52 for those 5 days.

Day 4: Why am I doing this again???

Yesterday, Kathryn said something that resounded with me.  She said, “So a woman at work asked me why I was eating like this for 10 days, and the answer I thought of was, ‘Because I want to.’ ”  So Kathryn, you are not alone.  Here is the why of why we eat like this and workout so hard:

Eating paleo is like hitting the “reset” button on our diets.  I don’t like to think of it as a diet that I’m on, but rather a nutrition plan that I am headed toward.  I’d eventually like to end up eating like this most of the time.  (I say most because I am a rule-hater by nature, and I also believe that you only live once and you should enjoy it – but that’s another blog).  

Each time I do this 10 day thing, I eat better on a permanent basis afterward.  Then I do it again, and I find something else new that I like or a way to cook something, and add that to the overall plan.  So this is called progress.  Habits are formed over time, not in one day, or even 10 days.  So hit the reset button.  Get rid of all the crap we sometimes, usually, often eat.  Instead, fuel your body with nothing but fruits, vegetables, proteins, nuts, and seeds.  What have you got to lose?  You will find that others don’t want to hear about it, or think you are crazy, or feel judged, or judge you…who cares?!  Do it because it works, and you will make progress.  Because you want to.

No one ever made progress just thinking about it.  

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

If you want more reasons though, here they are:

Switching from our evolutionary diet of animal products, veggies and fruit to a diet full of grains and legumes is like that movie Super Size Me where Morgan Spurlock goes from eating his normal diet to eating only McDonald’s food for 30 days. His health plummets – he gets fat and depressed, and he develops fatty liver and sexual dysfunction.

That’s basically what’s happened on a grand scale over the last 10,000 years of humanity. We’ve replaced wholesome, clean plant matter and animal foods with a high carbohydrate, low nutrient, high toxic chemical diet and we’ve gotten sick. We’ve shrunken in size, our bones are osteoporotic, we have more cancer, obesity and diabetes, an alarming incidence of heart disease, inflammation of all kinds, skin problems and the list goes on.  And on. We are sick. But our Paleolithic ancestors were not and the hunter gatherer tribes that still exist are not.  



Day 3: a.k.a. the hangover…

Sometimes day 3 is the hardest – like hump day.  Once you make it through today, you are on your way.  You are certainly putting in the effort from what I see.  Congratulations for that.  You will be rewarded for your hard work, tough choices, and planning ahead.  Like packing your own lunch, doing one more pull-up, stuff like that.  

ok, so either no one in the 6:30pm group has had a little cheat yet, or you forgot to fill out the board last night?  hang in there.  get back on the wagon.  cheer on another woman tonight.  we got this. Image

Look back at the board from day 1  and don’t you already feel better than Sunday about this thing?! Image

Lastly, Chandra and I were talking about what you could drink during this 10 days.  Of course, coffee or tea, but have you thought of replacing the alcohol with a sparkly water with a twist – lime, lemon, orange, or a couple berries?  So yummy, and you won’t feel like you are missing out.  Plus there are lots of all natural choices in a can that you have – just look for No Artificial Sweeteners.  La Croix, Pelligrino, and several others make these.  Image

Day 2: Clarification on Dairy

ok, so hopefully you are feeling really good and strong today.  I’m starting to get a little sore from all those squats last night…but I did want to clarify on dairy:

Butter and cheese (raw preferably, from humanly raised animals)are generally well tolerated even by those that are lactose intolerant.  These high-fat content foods support fat reduction goals.  Why?  Butter and cheese contain virtually zero carbohydrate and minimal amounts of lactose.  Still need to be used in moderation though – keep that in mind.  

Your homework:  Post to comments today — What is the hardest thing for you to give up during these 10 days???

(Source: Primal Cravings book)

Day 1 – WHAT CAN I EAT???!

So you have got to food shop today and get ready for the week – especially those lunches and snacks.  Avoid falling into pitfalls by being ready and prepared. Get tired of eating the same thing?  Try some of the recipes from Health-Bent.  That girl really knows what she is doing.  We have loved every recipe we have tried.  Here’s what to buy and eat :

According to (which I heart!):

Meat and Eggs Beef, pork, lamb, bison, poultry, eggs, fish, other seafood and shellfish, game meats, organ meats (and less common animal meats all work here)

Vegetables Mostly non-starchy and some starchy; potatoes, sweet potatoes (and yams), celery root, cassava root (tapioca), plantains, winter squashes

Nuts and Approved Fats Enjoy nuts moderately, macadamias are the best; approved non-dairy cooking fats include tallow, duck fat, lard, olive oil, high oleic sunflower oil, palm oil and palm shortening

Fruit and Added Natural Sweeteners Berries and cherries are the best; we use coconut sugar***, honey, maple syrup, etc.

***Dairy Grass-fed (and raw) when possible; heavy cream, butter, and cheeses

*** These are new categories if you did the last 4 boot camps with us.  After more research, I think each person needs to decide what his/her own body can tolerate  and/or what is an irritant to his/her system.  I also really like the thinking of Megan McCullough Keatley (Author of Primal Cravings) and her more realistic approach to this thing called PALEO. 🙂

Bring any eating questions with you tonight or post to comments on this blog (that’s what the comment button is for…)


6pm group: Come at 5:30pm on for bodyfat measurements, workout at 6.

6:30pm group: We will start with bodyfat measurements at 6:30, then workout.