And the Purple Heart award goes to…

Tara! After 3 groups the past 2 weeks, countless barbells, Dumbbells, TRX, tires, jumps, squats, pull-ups, lunges,…you know the drill…well Tara is THE woman!
Here’s why:
would you go into the woods, at 5:35am, in the dark, after a tire that had flipped the wrong direction, risking nighttime critters & who knows what? That’s right, pulled a calf muscle returning that darn, ornery, 200# tire to its rightful place. We love you, Tara, and really respect you! Heal up, tough girl.
Here’s to you–




I think this is a key word for where I am right now.  I like the reasoning behind paleo, but it’s a little too strict for me.  It’s like when someone tells me that I can’t have something, I want it. more. now.  know the feeling?  So I have been looking for some new recipes and I came acoss several, and along the way, I found people apologizing for eating cheese and quinoa.  excuse me, what? when did it get like this?  it got me thinking that we each have to eat in a way that we can live with.  that works for us.  our families.  our jobs/lives/schedules.  and not judge another.  I like to eat paleo-ish mostly Monday through Friday.  and I’m not apologizing for when i don’t.  this works for me, and I work my tail off in my workouts.

what are your thoughts? i’m dying to know…please comment.


What are you eating today???

Please post comments so others can see what you are eating and hopefully get some great ideas!  If you prefer to use an app (helpful if you are trying to shed a few pounds), then I recommend My Fitness Pal.  Great app for this.  We can also friend each other on it.

Today I’m eating:

banana, water, then workout.

oatmeal with cinnamon, scrambled eggs, coffee with 1/2 tsp. coconut oil, 1/2 tsp. unclarified butter (ghee), more water

a.m. snack – nuts and apple

lunch – salad w. peppers, avocado, pecans, greens, homemade balsamic dressing, with a burger (no bun) with guacamole/avocado, green beans, green and citrus tea with honey

p.m. snack – smoothie (whatever is in my freezer)

dinner – fish, roasted veggies – clementine or strawberries for dessert/snack.

What about you?  Send us ideas!

exerciseHappy Monday.

Fresh start, new week!

ok get ready for 5 awesome days of no alcohol, no sugar, no grains, just meat, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds. Drink lots of water, and a little tea or coffee, or sparkling water.  (I love sparkling water with fresh berries, or lime in it!)  Out running errands and need a snack?  Instead of the drive-through, try a smoothie (hold the sugar) from Tropical Smoothie – full of veggies and fruit!

Questions?  post to comments so we can all benefit.  I just learned about sugar alcohol last week because of a question.   What to eat isn’t really the hard part, it’s the planning ahead so you don’t end up at work with nothing but a vending machine (yuck!), or in your car shaking because you are so HANGRY (see post from last week on HANGRY).


Sugar, sugar alcohol, artificial sweeteners, etc.

So one of America’s favorite food groups came up last at our workout, and again this morning, so it must be time to discuss…

Actually, wait, it’s not a food group, and your body does NOT need it, in any form.  We just crave it, because food companies know that when they sneak it in, we will get hooked and come back for more.  So read those labels!  It’s everywhere – in your ketchup, dressing, etc.  (Although they do now make a ketchup with no high fructose corn syrup – just regular sugar from a cane plant – better for you, but not for this week).

So what kinds of sugar are ok?  If you have to, stick with honey this week.  Or stevia is ok.  Not great still, but ok.  anything that ends in “ose” is out – fake sugar.  Your body does not know what to do with these chemicals.  And lastly, Brad asked me about sugar alcohol and here is what the ADA (click for site) says about it:

  • When you’re considering foods with low- or reduced-calorie sweeteners, always check the Nutrition Facts on the label. Many of the food products containing these types of sweeteners still have a significant amount of carbohydrate, calories and fat, so never consider them a “free food” without checking the label. By comparing the calories in the sugar-free version to the regular version, you’ll see whether you’re really getting fewer calories.
  • You’ll also want to compare the fat content of the labels. There is often more saturated and or trans fat in sugar free baked products.
  • Sugar alcohols can have a laxative effect or other gastric symptoms in some people, especially in children.
  • Some people prefer to use the regular version of a food and cut back on the serving size instead of buying the sugar-free version.

In short, just eat REAL FOOD.  If it comes from a package, it is most likely not for this week, and not worth it in general.  If you are hungry or hangry this week, this is because you are used to reaching for food that is not real (cheez-its, crap in your pantry, etc.)  For a snack, when you start looking in the fridge for real food and not the pantry, you are getting it.  Besides your olive oil and that type of thing, what real food is really in your pantry???  It’s like the middle of the grocery store.  Shop the perimeter for the healthy stuff…the middle of the store is why America is so obese.


I love a Monday…I mean that.

I love Mondays. I used to not, and I got tired of co-workers complaining on a Monday.  I don’t want to be around that or hear it, which made me think about my own Monday attitude.  Here’s what great about Mondays:

  • It’s a fresh start
  • A chance for a re-do
  •  Ok, I really mean it this week kind of a statement
  • The week is full of possibilities
  •  I’m usually well-rested


a few things before we start TOMORROW (woot, woot!)

I’m so excited that I might not sleep.  Tried to take a yoga class this evening to bring the zen… still pumped.  I need this week of cleanse so badly, so THANK YOU.  together, we will acheive way more than we would have alone this week.  

1) Try to arrive 5 min. prior to your session – so 5:25.  (yes, a.m., peeps, you can do this!)  As soon as you arrive, start whatever warmup exercises are listed on the whiteboard.

2) Clean eating starts now.  Get off the Jack Daniels and jellybeans that you may or may not be cramming in at this moment — you are gonna be fine.  It’s only 5 days. 🙂  

3) Be ready to encourage the peeps in your group.  We will all need it at some point this week, as we try to form some new habits, get some old strength back, and move forward with healthier eating overall.  Group dynamics are huge in this weekly thing we have going.  If someone cheats, tell them to get back on their pony.  Every day is a FRESH start.

A sample day of eating (just suggestions):

Ok, here’s what a typical work/week day of food looks like for me.  Feel free to tweak this to whatever works for you.  (as far as your family – that’s up to you.  I personally do not want to cook two meals.)

Banana, water, then workout.

Breakfast: eggs of some type or omelet, old fashioned or steel cut oatmeal (yes that is one grain I do regularly), bulletproof coffee.  Oh yes, and a chunky monkey muffin from if I rememebered to make them on Sunday.

Mid-morning snack: smoothie (recipes on the menu to your left) or one piece of fruit (usually an apple or clementine) with a handful of nuts (macademia, pistacio, etc.)

Lunch: salad with all types of greens, shredded carrots, peppers, pecans, chicken with homemade balsamic olive oil dressing.

Afternoon snack: similar to mid-morning snack.  (If I skip this snack, my blood sugar drops and I will eat the FIRST THING I SEE — which is usually something awful and full of sugar that I regret).

Dinner: fish, roasted veggies

After dinner – strawberries or orange

Please post a comment so others can benefit from your ideas and questions.  I’m excited!