5 day boot camp coming in January…

Week of January 11-16.  Here’s the deal:

You choose either a.m. or p.m. sessions.  5:30am or 6:00pm for 30 min. sessions.  Sign up on the menu to your left – $55 for 5 days, or click here:


Commit to 30 min. workout session daily, plus CLEAN EATING those 5 days…this is just 5 days.  Of course, you can do it.  Text me or email me to make sure that I have your spot reserved.  Group space is limited.  TRX have been added to the basement–yay!

The 5:30am group will run a little differently this time than in the past!  The 5:30am group will actually start on Sunday at 4:30pm, and then go Monday at 5:30am, Tuesday at 5:30am, skip Wednesday (we will talk more about this later!), Thursday at 5:30am, and finish Friday at 5:30am.

The 6:00pm group will start Monday night, and go every night through the finish on Friday night.