H.I.I.T. – High Intensity Interval Training (no equipment needed)

HIIT workout – Day 1 of Boot Camp v.5:

Warm-up first.   Then start round 1.

1)  10 sec. of each: speed jacks, jack & squat, squats.


2)  15 sec. of each: up-downs (burpee without the pushup), squats


3)  10 sec. of each: jack & squats, speed jacks, updowns, squats, shoot the hoop & squat, jumping alt. lunges (hands overhead).

Take a one minute rest, then repeat 2 more times without the rest if possible.

4) 6 moves of 30 sec. each: pushups, shoot the hoop & squat, groaners (speed spidermans), jumping alt. lunges, updowns, 3 point stance squats (change hands after 15 sec.) & go low, then high, low, then high.

Rest 1 min. Then repeat again.

When you have reached the end of round 4, go back to round 3, then 2, then 1.  Done.  GOOD JOB!


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