Breakfast. Most important meal of the day.

img_4329I get so tired of thinking of what to eat for breakfast.  I always start out with a banana and water before I workout. But then what?  I need post workout fuel for the rest of the morning.  I’ve done all manner of eggs – hard boiled, cooked all different ways, egg muffins, and whatever to go along with it – coffee, smoothie, more water.  And of course, oatmeal  – I can also do oatmeal six ways til Sunday.  Right now I’m stuck on stove-cooked oatmeal with cinnamon, sliced almonds, and a dab of honey.  But back to the egg thing.  Here’s one recipe that (like egg muffins) you can make ahead of time (like Sunday) and it will probably last you all week.  If you live alone, then maybe freeze half.

Fast and Fabulous Egg Casserole – of course, change out what you need to.  I often substitute the flour with coconut flour, and use jalapeno peppers and chile peppers instead of canned chile peppers, but do it how it works for you.

What is your go-to healthy breakfast?  Share some ideas please!


Happy Hour at my favorite “bar”

Felt so good to be back at it this morning with an amazing group of teachers.  Teachers, moms, and females in general tend to not give to themselves; just everyone else around them until exhaustion.  So glad to have this time to re-fuel and do it with other wonderful teachers and women.

Sugar…are you over it too?

Been doing a lot of research lately on sugar…it started a couple years ago…then lately again when my daughter’s teacher asked us to send in doughnuts and juice in for the class breakfast…so I can’t stop thinking about it.  Google sugar and the effects.  Google no sugar.  There’s so much info out there, yet I can’t stop.  Sugar is everywhere and even though I want to say no, I don’t.  I need a reason (well, I have many, but that hasn’t stopped me) to cut it out.  And maybe you do too.  I need accountability.  Maybe you do too?

So I’m thinking of going mostly sugar-free and alcohol-free for the month of January.  Sounds good now.  Probably won’t sound so good about three days in…

Anyway, how about hitting the re-set button in January?  Would you be in?  You have some time to think on this.  But here’s what I’m thinking:  When you go all or nothing, it’s a bit extreme, and it’s easy to get discouraged (I know because I’ve tried this numerous times); but what about going back to the good ole 80/20 rule?  As in, I do what I should do 80% of the time, and the other 20%, don’t worry so much.

How about a month long re-set? Workout 2-3 times a week with no sugar and no alcohol at least 80% of the month?  Here’s what that could look like:

  • Workout Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30am for 30 minutes
  • Saturdays at 9:00am optional.  
  • You commit to no sugar, no alcohol, with one free night/meal each week?  Could you do that?  
  • We would start the eating part on January the 4th, workouts start Tuesday, January 5th and go throughout the last week of January.  

Would love to hear your thoughts via comment to this post, email, or text.


I think this is a key word for where I am right now.  I like the reasoning behind paleo, but it’s a little too strict for me.  It’s like when someone tells me that I can’t have something, I want it. more. now.  know the feeling?  So I have been looking for some new recipes and I came acoss several, and along the way, I found people apologizing for eating cheese and quinoa.  excuse me, what? when did it get like this?  it got me thinking that we each have to eat in a way that we can live with.  that works for us.  our families.  our jobs/lives/schedules.  and not judge another.  I like to eat paleo-ish mostly Monday through Friday.  and I’m not apologizing for when i don’t.  this works for me, and I work my tail off in my workouts.

what are your thoughts? i’m dying to know…please comment.


What can I drink this week?

YES to:

  • coconut water
  • almond milk/coconut milk
  • herbal teas
  • coffee (try to keep it to one cup a day)
  • green juices
  • smoothies
  • water

Please AVOID:

  • milk (esp. pasteurized)  Pasteurization destroys lots of the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and vitamins in milk.
  • soy milk (soy is full of the hormone estrogen and has been linked to thyroid problems)
  • soda
  • sports drinks
  • fruit juice (contain lots of sugar and fructose)
  • alcohol
  • kombucha (bacteria and yeast mixed with sugar and water – not as detoxifying as you may think)

Want to read more on this and digestive health?  Source: Gutbliss  by Robyn Chutkan, M.D., FASGE, Founder of the Digestive Center for Women.

Get ready! We are on starting tomorrow as soon as you wake up!

ok, to simplify the “what can I eat, what am I not allowed to eat?” dilemma, ask yourself, “does this food fall into one of the following categories: meat or fish, vegetable or fruit, nut or seed?” If not, do NOT eat it this week. 🙂  If yes, go for it.  Another easy way to know…does it have packaging? If yes, stay away from it. 🙂  Sugar is hidden everywhere (see former blog on sugar), as is high fructose corn syrup, and SOY! ugh. soy.  Stay away from soy this week…full of hormones.  The farmers are doing to us with soy what they did with corn, and then wheat. 

Areas that will be easy to get tripped up in (by accident, of course — at least for me) are:

  • condiments – esp. ketchup.  Try guacamole instead if you are eating a burger or turkey burger (without bun of course).  I love guac in my eggs too with salsa!  (Check the salsa label).
  • milk/dairy: no cheese, no dairy – try coconut milk or almond milk instead,  I love almond milk, except in my coffee.  In coffee, I use the coconut creamer – found at Harris Teeter where all the other creamers are.
  • breakfast: for some reason breakfast is actually the toughest meal, then snacks, for me on this program.  I try to do an omelet with salsa and guacamole, or other veggies.  No milk, no cheese though.  And I miss oatmeal, so instead I make a flaxseed muffin in the microwave (recipe on this blog)…I’m not saying it’s good, but it’s filling. 🙂
  • lastly, I’m not telling you that I never eat pasta, rice, oatmeal, etc…I’m just saying for the purposes of this boot camp, those carbs (even if complex) take up the space on your plate that a vegetable could be. 🙂

Lastly, a few of you have asked about doing other workouts this week.  These workouts are set up to be the only thing you need each day.  However, if you want to add more, you can certainly do a Zumba class, or cycle, or go for a walk or run.  Please don’t lift weights outside of the boot camp.  The workouts this week are designed to keep your heart rate up, and get your strength training in at the same time.  If you can carry on a conversation during the workout, you are not working hard enough. 🙂  Best effort for 30 minutes and done. 🙂