But first, let me get a #selfie

ok, normally, I’m not the hugest fan of selfies, but sometime today, put on a headband in natural light and snap a selfie of your face — close-up.  Not to post, but for comparison in one month.  (If you want to take this further, do a selfie closeup on your abs, thighs, whatever).  I am willing to bet, our skin will look better at the end of January than it does now.

Sugar and alcohol are toxins.  They both have harmful effects on our skin and our organs.  But since our skin is the organ we can see, let’s try this.

To read more on the harmful effects of sugar, check out this awesome blog:

The Harmful Effects of Sugar
and then take that selfie today!


One thought on “But first, let me get a #selfie

  1. ok, tried to take a pic of the one I use, but I just checked the ingredients – no sugar. Some natural sugars, but no sugar as an ingredient and no fake sugar or anything ending in -ose. It’s HT plain greek. Don’t go low-fat or non-fat; usually they add fake sugar or other chemicals to those. Anyway, that goes great in a smoothie. I use almond milk or coconut milk as a base.

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