How much sugar is ok?

ok, I’ve read 2 teaspoons a day is all you can take, but I just read an IDEA article (great research behind it) in my latest IDEA Fitness journal (Nov/Dec. 2015), and it says 6 teaspoons and not more a day.  That’s a good visual, right? So here’s what authors Joy Keller and Judy Meyer had to say about how much sugar is in common stuff:

  • Spaghetti sauce – 2.4 tsp
  • lucky charms cereal – 10.6 tsp
  • applesauce – 4.6 tsp
  • iced tea- 9.6 tsp ( and I bet that’s not southern sweet!)
  • typical soft drinks (20 ounce) – 19.25 tsp

yikes.  More than that is being linked to tooth decay, obseity, heart disease, liver disease, and other problems…think on that this week.  Visualizing the teaspoons can help us make better choices. 

(One more thing though…please don’t switch to fake sugar! Worse for you than real sugar cane.  Your body doesn’t know what to do with those chemicals.)


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