Today we start our cleanse and committment to exercise.

Let’s spend the next week focusing on eating what’s right for our bodies:

  • meat/fish
  • nuts/seeds
  • fruits/veggies
  • more veggies!

CHALLENGE #1:  Grill or cook more than one meal today so you are ready when you get hungry this week.  Last night we grilled our dinner and 5 more organic chicken breasts (from The Peach Stand right here in Fort Mill – great butcher and fish selection if you haven’t been) for the week to throw on salads.  This is the KEY: BE PREPARED.  PLAN YOUR MEALS FOR THE WEEK TODAY.  You won’t go wrong. Marinade on chicken? Homemade balsamic vinegar. yum.

CHALLENGE #2: Try to eat one salad per day this week.  Easiest way I know to get you 5-7 servings of vegetables in.

Remember: no sugar, no alcohol, no packaged food.  Read your labels – sugar is everywhere (but better for you than gluscose, fructose, anything ending in -ose, or corn syrup).


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