How many calories should I consume in one day???

To see what it will take you to maintain or lose weight along with the daily exercise or activities that you enjoy, click here.

Jillian Michaels also has some good resources on her page.  Speaking of, I was reading her book, Slim for Life (2013), and came across some great reminders that I know have research studies by numerous universities to back them up (as opposed to “Jillian said…”).

Here are a few of the important ones, but you are going to have to read your labels!

  • Don’t eat CHEMICAL CRAP. period.  if you can’t pronouce it, then why are you putting it in your body?!
  • no trans-fats (found in vegetable oil, margarine, fried food)
  • no high-fructose corn syrup
  • no artificial sweeteners (sucralose (or anything ending in -ose), aspartame, and saccharin) – found in diet drinks, diet foods, sugar-free gum.
  • articificial colors (sadly, I’m trying to quit gummy bears)
  • sodium nitrites and nitrates (found in hot dogs, bacon, lunch meat)
  • growth hormones and antibiotics (check your milk and meats)
  • MSG (chinese food?)
  • pesticides (see next post on when organic matters and when it doesn’t.

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