5 or 10 day boot camp – your choice!

ok, so some of you have expressed that 10 days is too much, and others claim they need the full 10 days.  So, this time around, there are gonna be a few changes:

1) you can choose 5 or 10 day over the week of July 27 and/or August 3. (so long as the times work for you).

2) the 10 day program will not run all weekend.  You will have Saturday and Sunday as free days (from lifting weights), and have one free meal (probably Saturday night?)  Instead, you will work out M-F and again M-F the next week.  (In the past, we went all weekend long).

Lastly, I would like us to all try to eat Mediterranean style, rather than the hard-core Paleo.  The longer I try this clean eating thing, the more I find I am in search of something long-term and sustainable.  I have learned a lot from Paleo (and keep many recipes), but don’t ultimately feel that I will stick to it day in and out for years to come…thoughts on that?  The Mediterranean style eating is the highest doctor-recommended nutrition plan out there.  Google it…and get ready!

Week of July 27: M-F, offered at 6am or 8am.

Week of August 3: M-F, offered at 7:30am or 5:30pm.


2 thoughts on “5 or 10 day boot camp – your choice!

  1. Hi Kristi, enjoyed visiting with you this morning. Christina and I are both interested in the 5 day camp. We would like to do the 8 am next week. Christina has to open at work on Tuesday at 8 though. Would she be able to squeeze in another time or day?

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