The minivan and the lunchable…

So I’ve gotten off-track again.  Not with workouts, (or I’d be certifiably crazy by now), but with food, etc.  It’s SO EASY for it to happen.  Then I was re-reading parts of The Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.  Here’s an excerpt.

When my generation of women walked away from the kitchen we were escorted down that path by aprofiteering industry  that knew a tired, vunerable marketing target when they say saw it.  “Hey, ladies, ” it said to us, “go ahead, get liberated.  We’ll take care of dinner.”  They threw open the door and we walked into a nutritional crisis and genuinely toxic food supply…But a devil of a bargain it has turned out to be in terms of daily life.  We gave up the aroma of warm bread rising, the measured pace of nuturing routines, the creative task of molding our famlies’ tastes and zest for life; we received in exchange the minivan and the Lunchable…

Now I’m not against minivans, however, I love the message here.  Are we eating out of packages or fresh, local food???  Time to get back on track…I need encouragement.  Maybe you do too?

Next 5 or 10 day boot camp is July 27 week and/or August 3 week.  More info to come.  Save the dates.


3 thoughts on “The minivan and the lunchable…

  1. I will be at the beach the week of July 27 – July 31. Anyway you can push the bc up a week into August đŸ˜‰

    If not, I will catch the next one!!

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