A sample day of eating (just suggestions):

Ok, here’s what a typical work/week day of food looks like for me.  Feel free to tweak this to whatever works for you.  (as far as your family – that’s up to you.  I personally do not want to cook two meals.)

Banana, water, then workout.

Breakfast: eggs of some type or omelet, old fashioned or steel cut oatmeal (yes that is one grain I do regularly), bulletproof coffee.  Oh yes, and a chunky monkey muffin from healthbent.com if I rememebered to make them on Sunday.

Mid-morning snack: smoothie (recipes on the menu to your left) or one piece of fruit (usually an apple or clementine) with a handful of nuts (macademia, pistacio, etc.)

Lunch: salad with all types of greens, shredded carrots, peppers, pecans, chicken with homemade balsamic olive oil dressing.

Afternoon snack: similar to mid-morning snack.  (If I skip this snack, my blood sugar drops and I will eat the FIRST THING I SEE — which is usually something awful and full of sugar that I regret).

Dinner: fish, roasted veggies

After dinner – strawberries or orange

Please post a comment so others can benefit from your ideas and questions.  I’m excited!


2 thoughts on “A sample day of eating (just suggestions):

  1. I did all of my shopping yesterday. Ready to meal prep today. My fave afternoon snack these days is: a banana, mixed berries, kale and chia seeds smoothie. Fills me up and tastes great!

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