a few things before we start TOMORROW (woot, woot!)

I’m so excited that I might not sleep.  Tried to take a yoga class this evening to bring the zen… still pumped.  I need this week of cleanse so badly, so THANK YOU.  together, we will acheive way more than we would have alone this week.  

1) Try to arrive 5 min. prior to your session – so 5:25.  (yes, a.m., peeps, you can do this!)  As soon as you arrive, start whatever warmup exercises are listed on the whiteboard.

2) Clean eating starts now.  Get off the Jack Daniels and jellybeans that you may or may not be cramming in at this moment — you are gonna be fine.  It’s only 5 days. 🙂  

3) Be ready to encourage the peeps in your group.  We will all need it at some point this week, as we try to form some new habits, get some old strength back, and move forward with healthier eating overall.  Group dynamics are huge in this weekly thing we have going.  If someone cheats, tell them to get back on their pony.  Every day is a FRESH start.


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