Next week – one more spot at 5:30pm.  ANTICIPATION!

Today, Linda shared with me that she is eating this week in order to “prepare for next week…”  LOL.  I knew exactly what she meant.  The thing is, that the more you do this, the easier it gets…until your body is actually NOT happy with you when you eat junk.  I know you have had this feeling.  

Had an epiphany today:

Last week in cycle class at 5:30am, we were talking about how when you re-set the alarm in the early morning for a few more minutes or one more hour of sleep, that you ALWAYS regret it.  You don’t get to work, or get busy with your children later in the day after a workout and think, “Man, I wish I snoozed that alarm and missed that workout.”  RIGHT?!  

So what about we approach the eating the same way…we KNOW that we will be glad we did this.  Our bodies will be happier, stronger, and thank us.  If we didn’t do it, we would regret it.  That’s the funny thing with self discipline…


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