Several of you have asked, “Is ____ paleo?”

Ultimate Paleo Guide – click here!
But be careful… a couple things…
You won’t like all that you read here. It’s a pretty accurate description of paleo that is agreed upon by numerous authors, websites, and researchers.

Here’s the thing though…they do refer to it as a “paleo diet”, which I hate. Diet implies that this is something short-term that I probably won’t stick with.

I want you to experiment this week, try hard-core paleo, and then ask yourself, “What can I live with long term?” Some of us just want a few beans, and if they don’t upset your stomach, go for it. For others, having a potato is important. Just recognize that it’s starchy, and eat them in moderation. But the thing is that many of us eat without thinking too much, the majority of the time. Use this week to force yourself to think about what you normally reach for and ask yourself, “Why?” or “Do I need it?”

For me, each time I do this, I learn a new way to eat, and usually I love the new way more! And I never would have discovered the healthier, new way if I hadn’t done a boot camp like this. Because on my own, I’m pretty busy – too busy to research my food and question it, and content to be that way!

For me, first I cut sugar out of my coffee a few years ago, but swore I was never giving up creamer or half and half. Then I tried coconut creamer and thought it was ok…eventually I went back to half and half again, but patted myself on the back because hey – still no sugar. Then I tried the bulletproof coffee that I posted over the weekend and I’ve been in love with that for about 2 months…I may not ever go back to Starbucks…that’s how good I think that is – would rather make my own at home. Maybe I should open a dairy-free coffee shop? and serve juices and smoothies too???!

How about you???
Post comments so others may benefit!


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