Moderation and sticking with it are key. Let’s don’t get too extreme here…

ok, so I’ve been doing these types of boot camps for two years now. Here’s what I’ve learned:

no sugar is hard. very hard. but honey,maple syrup, and fruit are really GREAT replacements!
not waiting until I’m starved to try to plan a meal or snack (especially at work!). When I’ve planned in advance and have a fridge full of healthy yumminess, it’s all good and I feel successful.
Sunday is the day I must plan my meals and cook what I need to for the work week ahead. It’s a ritual I now look forward to while football is on.

Lastly, once you plan your meals for the week, you will probably find that this makes life so much easier. Choose foods that you like and enjoy, so that you are much more likely to stick with it when boot camp week is over. Each time I’ve done this, I’ve kept a new eating strategy/food in my life, that I have grown to love. (Coconut oil is the latest, greatest thing for me in the past year, which I never thought I’d say, because I don’t like coconut!)


CHOOSE A PLAN YOU CAN STICK WITH AND ENJOY! (if you don’t enjoy it, you will throw it right out the window next week)


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