What Can I Eat ???

So you have got to food shop this weekend and get ready for next week – especially those lunches and snacks.  Avoid falling into pitfalls by being ready and prepared. Get tired of eating the same thing?

Try some of the recipes here on this blog (please – they are tried by real people – me and my friends!)

Try some of the recipes from Health-Bent.  That girl really knows what she is doing.  We have loved every recipe we have tried.  Here’s what to buy and eat :

According to http://www.health-bent.com/about (which I heart!):

Meat and Eggs Beef, pork, lamb, bison, poultry, eggs, fish, other seafood and shellfish, game meats, organ meats (and less common animal meats all work here)

Vegetables Mostly non-starchy and some starchy; potatoes, sweet potatoes (and yams), celery root, cassava root (tapioca), plantains, winter squashes

Nuts and Approved Fats Enjoy nuts moderately, macadamias are the best; approved non-dairy cooking fats include tallow, duck fat, lard, olive oil, high oleic sunflower oil, palm oil and palm shortening

Fruit and Added Natural Sweeteners Berries and cherries are the best; we use coconut sugar***, honey, maple syrup, etc.

***Dairy Grass-fed (and raw) when possible; heavy cream, butter, and cheeses

*** These are new categories if you did the last 4 boot camps with us.  After more research, I think each person needs to decide what his/her own body can tolerate  and/or what is an irritant to his/her system.  I also really like the thinking of Megan McCullough Keatley (Author of Primal Cravings) and her more realistic approach to this thing called PALEO. 🙂


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