Beach/Travel workouts:

So maybe you plan to workout when you travel, but then all you could really think of was to go for a run…I mean, who wants to think too hard when on vacation or away from home? I often post workouts that I think people will be able to do with minimal to no equipment. Below is another set to get you through a week away (and I’ve worked them out so that you are working opposing muscle groups on back-to-back days):

DAY 1 –
Walk/run/bike for 10 min.
Then do 25 reps of each:
squats with hands above your heart
boat pose & crunch
Do 3 rounds of this. Walk/Run/Bike again for 5-10 min. Then go 3 more rounds for a total of 6 rounds or 150 reps. Stretch when done.

DAY 2 –
Go for a jog and everytime you hear the chorus (of whatever song you are listening to at the moment), stop and do 10 jumping lunges. Continue with your jog, stopping for a set of 10 single lunges every minute or so, until you have done 10 sets (100 lunges). Then turn around and head back the direction you came from, repeating the sequence of 10 jumping lunges at every chorus, until you have completed 200 total. Stretch.

DAY 3 –
Set a timer, use the GYMBOSS app, or a stopwatch. For minute 1, count how many burpees (yes, with a pushup) you can do. Minute 2, how many heel press to the ceiling with a corkscrew (lying on your back) can you do. Continue the timer for a total of 14 minutes, trying to keep your # of reps for each exercise every minute. After 14 minutes, stretch.

DAY 4 –
For one hour, do a cardiovascular activity that you enjoy at a moderate pace. I went for a bike ride outside. But you could swim, wog, run, or do cardio machines. Your heart rate should be high enough that it’s hard to talk or carry on a conversation, but low enough that you try. 🙂

DAY 5 –
Break out the app called 7 Minutes (totally free). It tells what exercise to do when for a total of 12 bodyweight exercises (all you need is a chair) for 7 min. The great part is that if you want more, then repeat 3- or 4 times through. Then download the app, Yoga Studio ($2.99 and totally worth it if you don’t like to spend an hour and half doing yoga, but know that you need to!). I LOVE to do the Intermediate Combination for 30 min. You can choose 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min. You can also choose your level – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Great app. You won’t be sorry.

Good luck and post a comment to let me know how it went.


2 thoughts on “Beach/Travel workouts:

  1. Thank you Kristi for a great Bootcamp! I will try to continue the early AM workouts despite my natural night owl tendency. 🔅

  2. Kristi, hey, I want to recommend a friend to your five or ten day in home Bootcamp, please! Can u please send me the next classes! Hope u are doing well Love, Deb

    Debbie M Rast Aerobics Director&PT Coordinator UPYMCA Sent from iPad

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