Smoothie recipes to try

I get asked all the time, “What do you put in your smoothies?”  I usually reply, “Whatever I happen to have in the fridge or freezer.”  This is met with unhappy responses from those of you who are looking for an exact recipe and aren’t quite sure if there is a recipe combo that works for you, if you are one of those, here you go:

36 Super Healthy Smoothies to Fuel Your Body

Places around here that sell smoothies ready to go for when you are on the go:

Tropical Smoothie – Tega Cay, SC (but it’s a chain! ) and you can always ask them to hold the turbinado sugar – tastes just as good! My fav? The ISLAND GREEN.

Smoothie King is not usually recommended for those on paleo…can’t quite figure out what is in those!  just sayin…


One thought on “Smoothie recipes to try

  1. Are you back in Fort Mill? How did the beach go? What did Lily think of the video “Book Thief”?

    I had exciting day – two more trees had to come down before they hit Huong’s house

    I’m gonna try eating clean again because the weight almost all came back on. Love & prayers, Mom

    Nan McCullough


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