Dinner ideas…paleo style

So when I do this boot camp, I am usually working a job and a half, and more than a little pressed for time.  However, this go around, I have some free time.  What a blessing.  Free. Time.  Wow.  So this afternoon a good friend who has a HUGE garden generously sent over 2 baskets full of vege    tables – what great timing.  I got to work this afternoon and made several items:

1. Cauliflower Rice (my 2 girls think it is rice) with onions, zucchini, and peppers – cooked in coconut oil.  Click here for a basic recipe that you can try your own twist on.

 July 2014 083

 I served it with mahi mahi.

July 2014 084

2. Squash Casserole – paleo style.  This was new to me, but I miss my great-aunt’s awesome squash casserole, and I would make this one again. Click here  if you want to try it too.July 2014 087

3. Homemade Spaghetti Sauce in crockpot, ready for tomorrow night.  Full of tomato chunks and herbs straight from the garden with organic, grass-fed beef.  Will serve tomorrow with spaghetti squash (which again my sweet children actually believe is pasta, as long as I hide the squash skin before they enter the kitchen).

July 2014 086

Most grocery stores are selling coconut oil now, but Trader Joe’s is the only place I can find it in a spray can – great for eggs/omelets etc.

July 2014 085

What new things have you tried or are you going to try this week?  Please share!


3 thoughts on “Dinner ideas…paleo style

  1. Kristi.

    I felt like I was dragging today but at least I was moving and sweating. Your energy is contagious.

    Thanks for getting me up and out today.



  2. Whoa girl…I’d hate to think what you’d do with 48 hrs ‘free time’!! Awesome recipes and links – thanks so much! Headed to gather lots of yummy ingredients for smoothies and such this afternoon…will post favs! and by the way, my butt is super sore 😉

  3. So, Just an FYI, they do have the spray coconut oil at the Walmart in Tega Cay, isle 15, near the other spray oils.

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