Easy-to-do, at-home workout!

This idea comes from ACE (American Council on Exercise):

Don’t have much time? Need a workout with little to no equipment? Here ya go:

Remember TABATA?! 20 sec. of all out, hard work, followed by 10 sec. of recovery and repeat that for 4 min.  Use that foundation to do the following exercises:

  1. Warm-up for 4 min. – big march, jog, jumprope, squats and pushups
  • jumprope 20 sec.
  • plank with a punch 20 sec.
  • split squat – 20 sec. (back leg up on chair or table behind you)
  • speed skaters – 20 sec.
  • mountain climbers or speed spidermans- 20 sec.
  • bicycle crunches- 20 sec.
  • jumping lunges, alternating- 20 sec.
  • burpees with a pushup- 20 sec.

Cool down. Stretch.  Drink water.  Done this way will take 4 min. Repeat for 5 rounds. 20 min. total. you can do that.


2 thoughts on “Easy-to-do, at-home workout!

  1. HI Kristi I see you are on a computer. I just printed this out and will try it. May I also show it to our B&S boot camp gals? This Paleo diet is very much like what Dr. Takemoto had Dad on. I lost weight but unfortunately he did too. I’m trying it this week but it’s terribly hard. I cheated and ate pop corn. It’s amazing how I’m craving sugar.

    Hope all is well down there esp since you had an earthquake?

    Love & prayers, Mom

    Nan McCullough

    703-989-0879 http://www.EntertainingForEternity.com EntertainingForEternity.com/blog

  2. I hate so badly that you were no longer able to use the school for boot camp! We miss you!! I wondered if you had contacted Philadelphia United Methodist? I don’t know that it’s not ideal but know they are so great re: community. Realize ya’ll need somewhere with no cost so not sure how that works… Just thinking about you & missing the fact that I still need to workout today 😉 Enjoy your weekend! Kristin

    Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility. -Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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