Why paleo works…

So I’ve been thinking about my food journey this past year…since the first time I tried going paleo.  The first time I went strict paleo, the 2nd time, I cheated because I was frustrated, the 3rd time, I went strict, but not as strict, and now I know what my body can and cannot handle, so I adjust to a paleo that works for me.  What works for me is this:

  • meat/fish
  • veggies/fruit
  • nuts/seeds
  • some brown rice
  • some oatmeal
  • 2 tablespoons of half & half organic creamer daily
  • minimal cheese – perhaps feta on a salad, but that’s about it.

What doesn’t work for me on a daily basis is:

  • dairy
  • other grains (I REALLY miss pasta!)
  • sugar
  • alcohol

Google it, and you will find a WIDE RANGE of how people interpret this paleo thing.  For one, there’s a whole lot of bacon and red meat going on out there…not for me.  I love me some fish, and a plate of veggies, or a salad with chicken & fresh blueberries on top.  This chart is a typical one you will find when googling all of this…

paleo basics chart

Want to read about another woman’s journey? click here.


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