You can’t out-train a poor diet!

My good friend, Tanya told me that.  Don’t know where she got it from, but I love it.

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Combining well planned, targeted workouts with quality food intake will maximize the benefits from your fitness efforts. Developing a plan for eating is just as important as the plan for your workouts. A Registered Dietitian can streamline this process by helping you tailor the most effective strategies to your nutritional needs and lifestyle. (Read more by clicking on the link from University of Missouri).

Many of us try to do one or the other.  It’s not a choice.  Both are a must.  Let me say that again.  Exercise and nutrition are a must.  If you pick just one, you will only have limited progress (unless you are 22 years old with great genes, then it will take a couple years to catch up with you, but it will!)  I’ve been a personal trainer over 13 years now, and that’s the most frequent mistake I come across.  In fact, it’s the most frequent mistake that I make too.  I think I can make up for my eating transgressions with an extra workout, but it starts to catch up.  Wouldn’t you agree it’s easier to keep it off than take it off?  So stay on track…everything that goes in your mouth — think about it.  Is it worth it?  

Start to change your mindset.  It’s a journey.  It happens a little at a time.  If you cheat, don’t throw in the whole towel.  Get back at it and try again.  If you haven’t spent some time on the blog – looking at past posts, and recipe ideas to your left, then please set aside some time to do that.  You can’t out-train a poor diet.  Spend some time googling paleo and primal, and learn why one book after another being released is advocating some form of paleo, or primal and why.  You don’t have to take on every part of these plans, but find what works for you.  I never knew that I’ve got a level of lactose intolerance until I tried this – I grew up drinking 3 glasses of milk a day! 

This way of eating is good for:

  • your sleep
  • your digestive system
  • bloating
  • detoxing
  • leaner body
  • more energy
  • less cravings (once you get through the detox!)
  • clearer thinking

Lastly I’d like to say that you will find different versions of this on different blogs and websites.  The version we are doing this week is getting rid of SAD GAS. (link to video with my favorite gastrointologist explaining this).  SOY, ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, DAIRY, GLUTEN, ALCOHOL, SUGAR.  That said, you can choose another version.  I’ve seen ones that allow wine in moderation or cider beer (no gluten), some allow dark chocolate and others don’t, and yes, I’ve even seen some that advocate eating raw meat like a caveman (ok, that last one is so not for me, but go for it! lol). Personally I like more fish than most sites recommend or have posted.  

Explore this.  Click on the links I’ve provided.  Do it for you.  Because you can’t out-train a poor diet! 

Homework: comment on what you learned, what you like, don’t like, or don’t get.