5 day boot camp…the short version

ok, so some of you are new to this, and others have done this before.  Either way, the first couple days are the hardest food-wise.  The workouts will be probably shorter than you are used to; therefore, I ask that you give your ALL.  Give every ounce of your being to those 30 minutes.  In short, go hard.  Be intentional about giving everything you got in those 30 minutes, SO THAT you burn as many calories as you would if you went to a 60 minute long class/training session and paced yourself…but we won’t be pacing ourselves.  No sir, lay it down. 🙂 

Here’s the short version of our food plan – starting the moment you wake up Sunday – 

SAD GAS.  yes, I said that.  Here’s what it means:

Completely avoid these foods —

  • SOY

you can do this. together we will spur ourselves on.  more to come. 


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