Boot Camp version 6 starts this Sunday…

and we are full, by word of mouth. Thanks, to all y’all.  Really.  That is awesome.  So we start Sunday at 8:30am and at 6pm, and then run Monday through Thursday at 5:25am and 6pm.  Please be on time – workouts are only 30 min. and I want you to get your money’s worth. 🙂 

Also, if you are one of the ones who talked a friend into this, please send them the link to this blog so they can get to reading, researching, and food-shopping before Sunday.

If you still need to pay, please drop off your check by tonight, or pay at paypal through the link on your left where it says BUY NOW.

Lastly, there are no bodyfat measurements for the 5 day (unless you especially request that). 

Questions? Comments? hit the comment button, or send me an email.  Can’t wait…