Day 3: a.k.a. the hangover…

Sometimes day 3 is the hardest – like hump day.  Once you make it through today, you are on your way.  You are certainly putting in the effort from what I see.  Congratulations for that.  You will be rewarded for your hard work, tough choices, and planning ahead.  Like packing your own lunch, doing one more pull-up, stuff like that.  

ok, so either no one in the 6:30pm group has had a little cheat yet, or you forgot to fill out the board last night?  hang in there.  get back on the wagon.  cheer on another woman tonight.  we got this. Image

Look back at the board from day 1  and don’t you already feel better than Sunday about this thing?! Image

Lastly, Chandra and I were talking about what you could drink during this 10 days.  Of course, coffee or tea, but have you thought of replacing the alcohol with a sparkly water with a twist – lime, lemon, orange, or a couple berries?  So yummy, and you won’t feel like you are missing out.  Plus there are lots of all natural choices in a can that you have – just look for No Artificial Sweeteners.  La Croix, Pelligrino, and several others make these.  Image


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