Wow! One of the coolest blogs to help us…

check it out.  This is my new go-to.  I’ve tried a lot of these recipes and LOVE them.  The author used to be a pastry chef at a fancy South Carolina restaurant, so she has figured out how to do this, without feeling too deprived, which I heart.

One word of caution: many of the baking items need to be ordered unless you want to run to Earthfare, Whole Foods, and the health store in Tega Cay.  I ordered all of the stuff I wanted at once (like coconut flour and coconut sugar) on Amazon.  Tapioca flour can be found at Harris Teeter. 

If I sound like a crazy person, I might be…some of the recipes take too much time, and I think – does this woman sleep?! 🙂  Others, like the CHUNKY MONKEY MUFFINS, have become my fav, with a morning coffee, and it keeps my carb/sugar craving at bay.  Of course, you can go simple, like a piece of fish or chicken, with a sweet potato and salad.  But it takes planning ahead — that’s the KEY!!!



2 thoughts on “Wow! One of the coolest blogs to help us…

  1. No dairy- Greek yogurt specifically is a bummer. Any ideas on a snack for mid morning plan time is welcomed and appreciated. Looking forward to 10 in the basement!!

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