Feeling lightheaded today…wait, and yesterday too now that I think about it…

ok, I’ve been so lightheaded the last two afternoons and I know I’ve eaten enough, so I got to thinking it’s got to be the change in diet.  Did a little research, and the general consensus out there (meaning: internet, blogs, doctor’s opinions; not scientific journals – haha)  seems to be that kicking sugar (and alcohol too) will do that.  One opinion was to go have a sweet potato to feel better.  Another said, ” I felt better after a day or two.” (I wasn’t really looking to wait til tomorrow to feel better – I was thinking like in the next 5 minutes or so).  Another opinion said I’d feel great after 21 days of no sugar, and yet another said 30 days.  Hmmm…think I’ll go have a sweet potato and figure out what the heck my family is gonna eat tonight.  

I’m realizing the downside of this whole paleo eating mess is that it’s affecting my husband, children, and children over here playing with my children…I think they are all doing their best to stay the heck outta mom’s way. On the other hand, my thighs look better than they have in a couple months (at least since last time I pulled, I mean tried,this).


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