Gymboss app

despite the timer not working completely correctly this a.m. (I tend to think it was the user not the app, if you know me at all 🙂 ), this is one of the best apps of all time.  Especially when you are traveling or working out from home.  Last week I used it daily to design workouts at the beach.

For example, one beach workout was 5 rounds of:

  • sprint 1 min.
  • squats 1 min.
  • v-ups 1 min.
  • pushups 1 min.
  • lunges 1 min.
  • walk 1 min.
  • repeat.

Another workout was tabata (4 min. total) sprints with my hubby…we ended up doing 22 sets instead of the usual 8, and I almost threw up (he’s really fast).  Ahhhh… good times.  Anyway, get creative, have fun, and no excuses.  The app plays nicely with your music, so you don’t have to check your watch or anything.Image


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