Get ready! We are on starting tomorrow as soon as you wake up!

ok, to simplify the “what can I eat, what am I not allowed to eat?” dilemma, ask yourself, “does this food fall into one of the following categories: meat or fish, vegetable or fruit, nut or seed?” If not, do NOT eat it this week. 🙂  If yes, go for it.  Another easy way to know…does it have packaging? If yes, stay away from it. 🙂  Sugar is hidden everywhere (see former blog on sugar), as is high fructose corn syrup, and SOY! ugh. soy.  Stay away from soy this week…full of hormones.  The farmers are doing to us with soy what they did with corn, and then wheat. 

Areas that will be easy to get tripped up in (by accident, of course — at least for me) are:

  • condiments – esp. ketchup.  Try guacamole instead if you are eating a burger or turkey burger (without bun of course).  I love guac in my eggs too with salsa!  (Check the salsa label).
  • milk/dairy: no cheese, no dairy – try coconut milk or almond milk instead,  I love almond milk, except in my coffee.  In coffee, I use the coconut creamer – found at Harris Teeter where all the other creamers are.
  • breakfast: for some reason breakfast is actually the toughest meal, then snacks, for me on this program.  I try to do an omelet with salsa and guacamole, or other veggies.  No milk, no cheese though.  And I miss oatmeal, so instead I make a flaxseed muffin in the microwave (recipe on this blog)…I’m not saying it’s good, but it’s filling. 🙂
  • lastly, I’m not telling you that I never eat pasta, rice, oatmeal, etc…I’m just saying for the purposes of this boot camp, those carbs (even if complex) take up the space on your plate that a vegetable could be. 🙂

Lastly, a few of you have asked about doing other workouts this week.  These workouts are set up to be the only thing you need each day.  However, if you want to add more, you can certainly do a Zumba class, or cycle, or go for a walk or run.  Please don’t lift weights outside of the boot camp.  The workouts this week are designed to keep your heart rate up, and get your strength training in at the same time.  If you can carry on a conversation during the workout, you are not working hard enough. 🙂  Best effort for 30 minutes and done. 🙂


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