Sore at all?

Sore at all?

If you are not sore, it’s probably time to amp up your weight tonight or next workout.  If you are sore, good for you.  Your muscle fibers are repairing tiny tears, and growing back stronger, so next time you pull-up, you will be able to do more before fatigue takes over.  If you are sore, check out the link, and make sure it’s a good sore, not pain.  Remember swelling is pain.  And it’s ok to take an aleve once in a while.

If you are sore all the time, this isn’t great either.  Are you giving your body one day of rest? And by rest, I mean walking your dog, etc.  I don’t mean do nothing! 🙂  Rest is when your muscles repair themselves and grow back stronger.  If you continue to tear your muscle fiber day after day with no rest, you will most likely end up injured. Then you really will rest, for weeks longer than you planned on every resting!


4 thoughts on “Sore at all?

  1. Sharon, Kathryn –
    love your honest and amusing comments. Kathryn, when you get it all together, let me know, so I can do it too. Until then, give yourself some grace – you are doing AMAZING! Sharon, thanks for the honesty. So refreshing. And yes, there is always the next right thing after the wagon has run you over. And right now the next right thing is 6pm workout!

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