What are your go-to meals?

ok, I’d love everyone to comment here, because it happens to everyone (I think).  You come home late, tired, and hungry.  What’s a meal you can prepare in 15 minutes or less?  It Starts With Food recommends:

  • egg, frozen spinach and avocado scramble
  • no-fuss salmon cakes (there’s an easy recipe on this blog) with any veggie
  • frozen shrimp in a coconut-milk based curry with frozen vegetables

My go-to is easy: salad with whatever is left in the fridge with already cooked chicken breast and some type of nut thrown on top.  Sometimes apples or strawberries too.  Problem is when I’m out of greens or forgot to bake the chicken in advance…

So what’s yours? Please share.

Oh, and I added Sharon’s Zucchini Hummus Recipe – so good for dipping raw veggies. Check it out.


4 thoughts on “What are your go-to meals?

  1. My husband grilled several chicken breasts for me on Monday, so that I can throw together a salad whenever the mood strikes. I also baked a few sweet potatoes on Monday, so that I can have them with dinner. I sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and it feels like I’m eating something sweet! Jimmy Dean turkey sausage links are a yummy source of protein in a pinch. I can’t wait to read other people’s posts. I need some new ideas!

  2. An omelette with veggies. Maybe some ham or chicken or avacado… Whatever I have on hand. Or leftover turkey sausage etc. Its very filling and yummy

  3. One of my favorites is Taco Salad. My family enjoys this dish too. Extra lean ground turkey cooked with taco seasoning. Make a salad- greens, black olives, onions, jalepeno, tomato, top with cooked turkey meat. Finally, spicy salsa on top for moisture. Yummo!!

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