gotta get some mason jars…

Huh? yes, I love me a mason jar. here’s why. the other day my friend, Paige stopped over, and I offered her a smoothie. She said, “do you always serve your smoothies in a mason jar?” and I got to thinking, “why do I do that?” Here’s why:
 I can make a batch of smoothies at once and fill up jars with lids. Later, take out of fridge, shake, and serve.
 I use mason jars to make homemade salad dressing. Put the ingredients in, and shake. Need to take dressing to work? Just grab the jar.
 And I love a good mason jar for when I juice. Juicing is best fresh, and it’s a lot of work. Word is that oxygen hits the juice and it starts to “oxidize” or lose some of it’s vitamins, nutritional value, etc. At least a lid will help, especially if I fill to the top, and then I have a juice for later, a friend, or the next morning.
 Mason jars are glass, not plastic. Since the jury seems to still be out on the effects of plastic, I’m covered.
 There’s one more thing I like a mason jar for…but that’s not allowed right now…:)
Where to buy them? Wal-mart sells em by the case…


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