ok, by now you may be starving…

in case you ran out of time to fully prepare for these 10 days, here are a few ideas so you will have energy for your workout tonight:

  • run to Chick-fil-a, grab a grilled chick breast or salad (no bun) – watch the dressing! – full of yucky oils and sugar, and a fruit cup
  • go to a local restaurant and get a burger with steamed veggies (no ketchup – full of corn syrup)
  • or order fish with veggies or salad (oil & vinegar)

Here’s what I have eaten today ( a lot – just finishing lunch…I get up early!)

  • banana, water, coffee with coconut milk- bought at Harris Teeter in creamer section), flaxseed muffin (recipe here on the blog) with sliced apples
  • leftover steamed broccoli, 1/4 sweet potato, salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (recipe here on blog), turkey burger with onion, no bun.

See? We can do this and eat REAL food.  Can’t wait to see you tonight for a sunny workout, full of energy! 


2 thoughts on “ok, by now you may be starving…

  1. My cravings have kicked into high gear!! I know it’s totally psychological, knowing I can’t have it makes me want it more!!!

  2. I’m a teacher, and we usually eat lunch at 10:50. However, today was the first day of PASS testing, so we didn’t go to lunch until 12:40. I was starving after just having two eggs for breakfast!

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