“Over the last …

“Over the last fifty years, the makeup of our foods has dramatically changed…

Our grocery stores and health food markets are packed with shelves of processed, refined food-like products – which no longer look anything like the plant or animal from which they were derived.
Food scientists caught on to the fact that our brains respond strongly to specific flavors (such as the aforementioned sweet, fatty, and salty), and armed with this knowledge, they began to modify our whole foods. They sucked out the water, the fiber,and the nutrients, and replaced them with ingredients like corn syrup, MSG, seed oils, and artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. All of this with the specific intention of inducing cravings, over consumption, and bigger profits for food manufacturers…” ( It Starts With Food , chapter 4)
It really is discouraging…start reading those ingredients carefully…when I first began to REALLY change my eating in January (I always thought I ate pretty healthy), I could not believe all the places that corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup is hidden. If we do nothing else during this program, I pray that we get the corn syrup out of our houses.  Hey, someone has to be the bad guy…


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