Why it worked…

oh there are so many reasons…you all are determined.  you share recipes. you encourage each other. you cheer for each other. you share muffins and healthy brownies when chocolate is needed. you work hard. really hard. but here’s another reason I read this a.m. in a devotional:

“…correcting one’s faults seemed to depend entirely on will power, directed at eliminating them.  Bad habits and compulsions cannot be conquered by determined resolutions or promising ourselves that we won’t go on doing this or that.  They cannot be rooted out – for what would fill that vacuum?  They must be replaced – with their opposites.  The secret is to substitute the positive for the negative – the I will for the I won’t.”

wow.  i love that.  that is our group.  just made Sharon’s microwave muffins with fresh strawberries.  will post that one later today – thanks, Sharon!  But first, I have to go to a fitness workshop all day where I will learn more techniques in how to torture, I mean train, you!

btw, did anyone else try something like chocolate chip cookies last night? did anyone else feel sick?! 🙂

source: One Day at a Time


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