Grains and Liquid calories…two things that can lead to sub-optimal nutrition

Coffee with skim milk and a sugar, two soy lattes, an 8 ounce glass of orange juice, and a 5 ounce glass of red wine…all contribute to about 500+ calories in a day!  and it’s not even food; definitely something to watch out for when our 10 days is up. 

And a word on grains as we head toward our goal of Friday:  “THERE IS NOT A SINGLE HEALTH-PROMOTING SUBSTANCE PRESENT IN GRAINS THAT YOU CAN’T ALSO GET FROM VEGETABLES AND FRUIT. Not a single vitamin.  Not a single mineral. Not even fiber.”  Plus if you have a bunch of grains on your plate, that is leaving less room for vegetables.  🙂  (source: It Starts With Food).


We are gonna make it.  I’m mostly posting this reminder for myself, as my daughter walks by with a small bowl of cheez-its, which have never looked better to me!  How sad is that.  Keep your food logs going — maybe we should burn them Friday night?!  Seriously, we’ll have one more food log share Friday after your group workouts at 5:20pm and 6:00pm.

Reminder for tonight:  bring gloves and wear a sweatshirt.  You also may want your ipod on your arm for tonight – you aren’t in the basement the whole time. 🙂  


Lastly – keep sending me recipes, ideas, and pictures of your food, and I will keep posting.  Check out Tanya’s brownies today.


One thought on “Grains and Liquid calories…two things that can lead to sub-optimal nutrition

  1. The brownies will definitely give you a chocolate fix. They are better than nothing. I think you could cut down on the coconut oil, I think they were a little bit greasy.

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