We start as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning! :)

Yes, Wednesday a.m., not Thursday.  This ensures that we end on a Friday night – don’t you want that???!  So I just got back from Earthfare in Rock Hill (I work down there) – wow! what a GREAT place!  Purchased some great things that are gonna pull me through these 10 days…

  • steak rub
  • chicken rub (in the marinade section – dry rub for your meats) yummy.
  • coconut milk and almond milk (no soy please – I will explain later)
  • coconut hazelnut milk in a creamer size for my coffee – yay.
  • hazelnuts and macademia nuts – supposedly the two healthiest nuts in existence…
  • all kinds of fresh, organic veggies – trying kale again (Anyone have a good kale recipe?)
  • organic avacados on sale
  • olive oil and sunflower oil for cooking and a coconut spray oil (move away from canola – will explain that later too)
  • shrimp
  • wild caught fish

Excellent.  Now my fridge is stocked with meats, veggies, fruit, and non-dairy items.  I am getting excited.  Still don’t have those darn double-stuff out of the house though…will have my daughters work on that later today.  So how are y’all doing??? excited? scared? nervous?


5 thoughts on “We start as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning! :)

  1. Nice work!! I’m looking forward to all of it and scared of my 30 minutes with you. LOL Can’t wait to get started. I have more yummy goodies for my team tomorrow with recipe. See you !!

  2. thanks for the tips! I thought I posted a comment but I don’t see it…I’ll try it again.I didn’t know that that Rock Hill has an Earth Fare…great to know. I’ve been trying to find Almond Flour. I have my forms ready and will bring them tomorrow. 🙂

  3. went shopping tonight also…worried about the nutrition part. Got a lot of fish and veggies but I hate to cook and prepare meals! Not worried about the workouts-I’m used to your abuse 🙂

  4. FYI the coconut oil is awesome for dry feet, hands and hair. so if I don’t end up cooking with it, at least it is good for other things.

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