Why are we going so extreme with the nutrition?

ok, truth. I don’t want to do it.  I like cheese pizza and creamer in my coffee. but sometimes we need to cleanse.  to get back to the bare basics to see how far we slide sometimes.  true?  I know lately, after the holidays, there was a lot of sliding around here.  this is like hitting the re-start button. so don’t view all the deprivation, instead post the list of all the foods that you CAN eat on your fridge, and get ready.  in fact, get excited.  i’m looking forward to hitting a new grocery store, trying some new combos; frankly I’m sick of what I’ve been cooking lately.  today i added a new no equipment needed workout for you when you need inspiration or travel, and a new salmon recipe.  as my friend, Jay says, “There are no problems, just challenges and opportunities.”  cool. looking forward to a new challenge and opportunity. who likes to be bored with the same ole?


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